Whole30 Diary: Day 2


DAY 2 

  • Lots of positive feedback from friends and family now that I’ve gone public about my goals. Thanks, everybody.
  • Feeling a little leaner but not not meaner. (I’m sure that will come in time.)
  • Breakfast–eggs cooked in clarified butter, bacon, and slice of tomato–prepared by Bill
  • Snack–handful of cashew nuts
  • Lunch–finished off the tuna salad from yesterday and the cabbage from dinner last night
  • Snack–dates and small portion of meat sauce (weird combo, but it tasted good)
  • Dinner–Grilled steak (Bill’s specialty), salad with ranch dressing (recipe from Whole30–really delicious), mixed berries
  • The food is very tasty and satisfying and you can see that the amount is plentiful. I’ll try to back off the morning snack  as I adjust to the program, but I’ll probably keep the afternoon snack.
  • Got my 10,000 steps on Fitbit.
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