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Welcome to my blog! For the love of Writing is the place where I am documenting my journey to become a published author. It all began four years ago when I retired from public school teaching and administration and decided to pursue writing as a second career. I consider it the ultimate luxury to have the time now to read, to think, to imagine, and to write. Writing teaches me who I am and changes me into the person I aspire to become.

Writing provides an outlet for expression and sharing of the myriad stories and characters, both real and imagined, that reside in my head, and are anxious to make their way onto the printed page to meet the world. Gradually, I am letting them out, but, poor things, they are condemned to wait as I practice my slowly developing writing skills on them first. Flaubert captures what I am trying to say in the following quote:

I am irritated by my own writing. I am like the violinist whose ear is true, but whose fingers refuse to reproduce precisely the sound he hears within.  

My decision to begin blogging came when I discovered how isolated the life of a writer can be, even for an introvert like me. As much as I love the journey and value the process, I sometimes get lonely facing the computer screen on my desk for hour after hour, as I attempt to rearrange the fragments of ideas into some meaningful whole. I’m beginning to feel the need for reciprocal encouragement, feedback, and advice; and, I am pretty sure that the blogging community is one place I can find it. That’s why I created this blog.

Drop by and join me when you can, as I discover and blog my way to becoming a published author.  And feel free to leave your calling card and a comment or two.

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