Netflix Airs New Season of Grand Hotel

If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Downton Abbey and wondering how on earth to fill your television viewing time until the final season airs in 2016, you have to check out Gran Hotel. The wealthy Alarcons, owners of the fictional luxury hotel, are Spain’s hot-blooded answer to the Crawley family.


The story begins in northern Spain in 1905, when Julio Olmeda takes a job at the Gran Hotel to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his sister Christina, a maid at the hotel. Julio becomes friends with Andres, the son of the staff manager, and Alicia Alarcon, the daughter of the Gran Hotel’s owners. Julio and Alicia fall passionately in love but are kept apart by class difference, as they investigate the secrets and lies that are buried within the walls of the hotel.

This is the third and final season of the series. The only down side is that it comes with English subtitles. However, the exotic scenery and the opulent settings inside the hotel make it worth the effort to watch. And, hearing it in Spanish while reading it in English only adds to the intrigue. Okay, and the plot is little more than that of a glorified soap opera. But if you are a hopeless romantic and gravitate to period drama set in the early 1900’s, you will get hooked on Gran Hotel. All three seasons are now on Netflix.




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