Building an Author’s Platform with Help from Self-Publishing Review

In my blog of July 4, I mentioned that I had submitted Hattie’s Place to be reviewed by Self-Publishing Review, a professional reviewing and editing service. The wait time was about thirty days, but I was extremely pleased with the review that I received. The editor seemed to understand the various themes that I was attempting to address in the novel, and described the book in a way that would appeal to readers who appreciate women’s historical fiction.

The service promised to deliver a fully rounded and honest, impartial review, using a rating of one to five stars, based on the design, content, and editing of the book. Though the final review cannot be changed, the author has the option not to publish a negative review. I was delighted with the five-star rating given to Hattie’s Place.


The 500 word summary and review is now being shared on social media through SPR’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Hattie’s Place will be featured in the lead story box on the website for one month, and is listed for sale in the SPR online book store.

The service included an Amazon edit which I can add to the review section where Hattie’s Place is listed on, as well as the five-star badge displayed above. The review and the badge can also be used for promotional material on my personal blog and other social media sites.

I found the SPR editors to be helpful and professional, with a slight lag in response time due to their offices running on Central European Time. The services are much more reasonable than that of Kirkus Review, whose editing package I used earlier, and seem to be of equal quality.

I am finding that any serious effort to establish an author’s platform requires a marketing budget. As I am committed to doing as much of this as I can on a shoestring, I am looking for free and low-cost opportunities to promote Hattie’s Place to readers who enjoy the genre and brand of fiction that I am writing. Among the various budget-friendly services I have explored, SPR is the best outlet I have found for that purpose.

The proof will be in the increase in readership of Hattie’s Place. I’ll keep you posted on the results and on new strategies, as I come across them. And, if you have any great ideas for first-timers trying to establish their authors’ platforms, please share them in the comment section above.



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  1. Kristen Steele September 23, 2015 at 11:55 am #

    Reviews are a huge factor in getting more sales for your self-published work. If you are not an established name in the book industry, people are going to do their research, and written reviews could be the difference in whether or not somebody purchases your work or not.

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